Brief Stem Cell Therapy History

Brief Stem Cell Therapy History

Swiss physician Paul Niehans discovered the beneficial effects of live cell therapy quite by accident. In 1931, Niehans was summoned by a colleague who had accidentally removed a patient’s parathyroid glands during the course of thyroid surgery. So vital are these glands to life that there was little chance that the woman could survive the day without them. A successful transplant was the only chance the surgeon had of saving her. So Niehans, who had a reputation for therapeutically transplanting organs and glands, was called in.

On his way to the hospital, Niehans stopped off at the abattoir, where the animals he used in his revitalization experiments were slaughtered. He obtained fresh parathyroid glands from a steer and proceeded to the hospital, fully intending to perform a parathyroid transplant.

However, when Niehans arrived, one look at the patient- who was violently convulsing -told him that there was simply not enough time to perform the operation. The woman would not survive long enough. But Niehans had an idea. He used a surgical knife to slice the steer’s parathyroid glands into finer and finer pieces, taking care not to mash the individual cells. He then mixed the pieces in a saline solution and loaded it into a large hypodermic needle. To the shock and dismay of his colleagues, Niehans injected the mixture into the fatally ill woman.

Immediately, her convulsions ceased. Her condition improved- and continued improving. To everyone’s surprise, including Niehan’s, she recovered. Niehans wrote, many years later, “I thought the effect would be short-lived, just like the effect of an injection of hormones, and that I should have to repeat the injection. But to my great surprise, the injection of fresh cells not only failed to provoke a reaction but the effect lasted, and longer than any synthetic hormone, any implant or any surgical graft.”

Longer indeed. The woman went on to live another 30 years, well into her 90s.

Thus was born cell therapy. At his Clinique La Prairie in Montreaux, Switzerland, Dr. Niehans went on to administer live cell injections to thousands and thousands of patients, including many of the crowned heads, presidents, Pope Pius XII, and several Hollywood stars, like Charles Chaplin, Robert Cummings, Juana Crawford, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight and Marnie Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Charles Boyer, Bernardo Baruch, Windsor’s Duke and Duchess , Kennedy de Joseph and many others.

Dr Paul Niehans

Dr. Paul Niehans
Inventor of the Cell Therapy



Niehans, at his 84 years Working at his home in Burier.


In 1953, Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans treated Pope Pius XII who in gratitude appointed him to become a member of the Papal Academy of Sciences. Due to this success, European physicians slowly began to accept Niehan’s work with cell therapy, gradually propelling it as an accepted regenerative technique in Europe.


Dr Wolfram

Dr. Wolfram W. Kuhnau: Treated patients at his clinic with Cell Therapy until the age of 90 years.

Dr Franz

Dr. Franz Schmid: Doctor World renowned Doctor For Cell Therapy.

Dr Michael

Dr. Michael L. Culbert: Founder of Bradford Research Institute for Cell Therapy

Dr Branislav

Dr. Branislav D. Jankovic: Founder and diretor Institute for Microbiology e And inmunology, Research Center and Scientific Board at Biologic Research Institute.