Stem Cell Therapy, live cell program for nutritional cellular support

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-invasive therapy, which is in oral capsules form that digests through the small intestine. Stem Cell Therapy starts with a selection of organ general cells from the Sheep. Able sheep placenta capsules are protein and hormone free. There is no animal sacrifice or blood utilized for this purpose. Able sheep placenta oral stem cells offer the best quality program for cellular nourishment. Our oral stem cells can help with general nutritional support needs without any side effect. From a nutritional standpoint, Able sheep placenta oral stem cells can show an improvement within the first month. Able oral stem cells in capsule form are compatible with the human body and are not recognized as foreign. They are digested through the small intestines and in turn distributed to where is needed for nutritional support. The organ itself can retain its vigor and vitality from a nutritional standpoint.

Able oral stem cell therapy in capsule form can help with general nutritional support needs

Able oral stem cell therapy in capsule form can be taken for nutritional support and to help with health ailments naturally. Able oral stem cells are free of hormones and proteins and its main ingredients of high-quality sheep placenta and Salmon can help foremost with the immune system and neurologically. Other benefits are a digestive system, mental alertness, sleep pattern, etc. Able oral stem cells use a micro extract technology and offer the highest quality ingredients for maximum results. The cellular nourishment is both internal and external in giving you vitality and great looking skin.

Our oral stem cell therapy in capsule form Able can help with a long term improvement when it comes to health conditions as well as for a preventive purpose

Our live cell therapy, oral stem cells can help reduce joint pain, knee pain, hips, back, and inflammation. It can also help with mental alertness, physical movement, digestive system, sleep pattern, high blood pressure and the immune system in general.
The Able oral stem cells program is recommended for up to six to eight months and the dosage can be between one to three capsules per day.
(Direct cure claims cannot be made).


Thanks to the stem cell therapy treatment; nowadays, many people with different diagnosis are grateful for trying our stem cell therapy products and taking our stem cell therapy treatment on the recommended period; it is time for you to be part of this benefited group within the cellular regeneration process.

[*] Disclaimer: The statements on this website are based on anecdotal evidence and have not been evaluated by the FDA. All supplements are not drugs and are not to be claimed as a cure for a disease or injury. The information appearing on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Results may vary between individuals.

Discover the Extra Benefits that Stem Cell Therapy Can Give You
  • Rejuvenation and anti-aging.
  • A deeper and relaxing sleep.
  • Help in sexual control, thus enhancing vitality.
  • Stabilization of weight to a normal level.

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Our stem cell therapy products have been developed in compliance with the FDA, the GMP, among others; Whose credentials represent the products with optimum quality, high reliability and guarantee of security that gives confidence to consumers worldwide.


Nuestros productos han sido elaborados en cumplimiento con la organización de la FDA, la GMP, entre otras; cuyas credenciales representan a los productos con calidad óptima, alta fiabilidad y garantía de seguridad que le brinda confianza a consumidores a nivel mundial.

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