With the Stem Cell Therapy, degenerative and chronic diseases can finally be treated safely and effectively.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem Cell Therapy uses the same principle as traditional stem cell therapy, but with much less cost, less risk, yet similar or more efficacy. Stem Cell Therapy begins with a selection of specific organ cells from an animal foetus (as in, not yet born), bred specifically for this purpose. Many years of research, studies, and experience have shown that sheep are the best donor animals; they are vital, hardy animals with perhaps the strongest immune systems and natural disease resistance. Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and trigger no negative reactions from the human immune system. In Stem Cell Therapy, these vigorous and vital stem cells, with their life force still active, are ingested into a human host via high-tech softgel bio-active Stem Cell PE Capsules.

Since stem cells have NO antigens, they are NOT recognized as foreign by the host body. According to Dr. Niehans’ proven theory, they circulate from the site of ingestion (small intestines) until they recognize and congregate at the human counterpart of the organ from which they were taken – pancreas cells go to the pancreas, brain cells go to the brain, nerves cells go to the nerves, cartilage cells go to the cartilage, heart cells go to the heart, etc. These fresh stem cells, which are functionally organ-specific, but not species-specific, imprint their vigor upon old, tired, and degenerating cells, stimulating them to function with renewed efficiency. The organ itself then retains the vigor and vitality of the stem cells.

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Thanks to the stem cell therapy treatment; nowadays, many people with different diagnosis are grateful for trying our stem cell therapy products and taking our stem cell therapy treatment on the recommended period; it is time for you to be part of this benefited group within the cellular regeneration process.

[*] Disclaimer: individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Discover the Extra Benefits that Stem Cell Therapy Can Give You
  • Rejuvenation and anti-aging.
  • A deeper and relaxing sleep.
  • Help in sexual control, thus enhancing vitality.
  • Stabilization of weight to a normal level.

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Our stem cell therapy products have been developed in compliance with the FDA, the GMP, among others; Whose credentials represent the products with optimum quality, high reliability and guarantee of security that gives confidence to consumers worldwide.


Nuestros productos han sido elaborados en cumplimiento con la organización de la FDA, la GMP, entre otras; cuyas credenciales representan a los productos con calidad óptima, alta fiabilidad y garantía de seguridad que le brinda confianza a consumidores a nivel mundial.

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