What is Stem Cells Therapy?

Stem cells therapy is the use of stem cells to treat diseases and to improve body condition. Through this, people can get rid of -brain and spinal cord injury, HIV/AIDS, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological problems. Most stem cells intended for regenerative therapy and generally isolated either from the patient’s bone marrow or from adipose tissue. But, the body parts needed for transplantation are not always available. So this hybrid embryo created by the laboratory produces organs and then the organs can be replicated in the human body. For the first time, scientists have created a new type of hybrid embryo in the mixture of sheep and humans, which they use for stem cells therapy.

Many years of research shows that sheep will be the best donor for the human. In view of organ donation, scientists established stem cells of the sheep in the embryo. This creates a form of hybrid organisms. Scientists believe that it can be possible by using stem cells as a substitute for humans. But the fetal cells do not contain antigens, so through sheep stem cells therapy they will work properly and try to congregate with the human body, from where they were taken. Such as- liver cells go to the liver, sex cells go to the sexual organs, heart cells go the heart etc. These newly borne cells cope with everything and try to make those weak, old and tired cells strong and workable.

Dr. Metalliphoff says stem cells are used to recover any damaged cells in the body, or any part of the body is made of new cells. He says stem cells made from human clones are much better than quality and are very effective for such treatment, even sheep stem cells therapy is also very effective. He also says stem cell embryos can play a role in a new life like a full-charged battery and stem cell replacement for replacing any decayed or sick cell in the body of an even 90-year-old man. Stem cell system is new hope lighting for medical science.

Through stem cell, we will able to recover many parts of our body and also will able to get rid of many diseases without any side effects. As this stem cells therapy will be done from our own cells or from sheep cells. This therapy will take a little time to work about minimum 3 weeks, but not a lifetime. But the effect will be for the lifetime and positive. This therapy will make our human body more strong and as well as our mentality.