Advanced Placenta Extract Capsules

How does the Advanced PE Capsules work?

PE (Advanced Sheep Placenta Extract) hi-tech capsules are fully researched, developed in Switzerland and manufactured under the FDA approved and GMP registered Pharmaceutical Facility here in the United States which obtain trust with maximun quality, safety and consistency. The method employed in these capsules produces sheep cells which remain biologically active (using a proven technique for gently conserving biological substances) without damaging the effectiveness of their valuable bioactive matter.

Cell therapy is the only process in the world that has been proven to be Safe and effective reducing the speed of the aging process, which can give you an incredible help to recover your health, vitality and physical power.

Advanced PE stem cell capsules are universally recognized as one of the most effective anti-aging and cell activators oral supplement after more than 20 years of proven research and development.

When taken on an empty stomach, the advanced PE biological capsules bypass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine where the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body. The advantage of diggesting in the small intestine is that it avoids the destruction of active peptides by gastric acid thereby ensuring the bioavailability of the cellular elements. This is currently the most advanced bio-technological product with a very high metabolic activity.

Placenta Extracts in Cell Therapy come from cellular harvesting. And These are highly pure ingredients, without any unwanted content.

In comparison with other placental products, the advanced PE stem cell capsules are hormone and protein free, therefore your natural hormone production does not get affected. Hormones Therapy may be effective during treatment, but will lose its effectiveness when discontinued. This can be dangerous as it affects the natural balance of the endocrine system. Since the advanced PE capsules are protein free, the risk of an allergic reaction is also minimal, they will not be recognized as “foreign” by our own body.

The active ingredients in the advanced stem cell capsules are extracted in a hi-tech biotechnological process. These extracts are homologous elements and once they are consumed, they contribute enormously to revitalizing the body through activation and regeneration of our aging cells.

The ratio of active ingredients in the advanced PE capsules was decided after prolonged research and thorough clinical trials in various scientific fields. Both the ingredients and the capsule are extremely stable. Stem Cell products are all extracted from small peptide fractions with the molecular fat, proteins and hormones removed. They are further cultivated by as cell cultures with the end results of the active elements being separated and filtered. Thus the active ingredients are very pure and DO NOT contain any unnecessary elements.

Anti-aging is only a general term which represents a whole process. As our age advances, the functions of our organs degenerate. Chronic diseases set in when the body’s processes become inefficient and people experience symptoms such as lethargy, fatigue, stress, insomnia, weak concentration, weak memory, depression, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, headaches etc. With Stem Cells, all of these can be GREATLY REDUCED. This also applies to menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, depression and dehydration of skin which can also be GREATLY ALLEVIATED.

Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is now withing your Reach!

Live cell therapy was invented for the first time, in a way, by injections made by the Swiss Doctor Paul Niehans in 1931 [5]. Given its extreme benefits for health and beauty but its high cost, stem cells therapy has been kept as a celebrities secret by a long time, as it is committed to preserve a young appearance and extend ones life health.

Pope Pius XII was so happy with the treatment that he inducted Dr Paul Niehans, the deviser of Cell Therapy, into the Papal Academy of Science, making him the successor to the late Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

Many celebrities, presidents and members of the Swiss Soccer World Cup team have benefited from Cell Therapy. President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and French General De Gaulle received it to maintain their powers of concentration and their physical endurance. Adenauer credited stem cell therapy with giving him the energy to guide the Republic of Germany though he was more than ninety years old.

Charlie Chaplin claimed it enabled him to marry again and father kids after age seventy. Exclusive hospitals for the wealthy & famous in Switzerland have administered the Anti-Aging Cell Therapy to both western and oriental celebs, improving and lengthening their vigor and conserving their young appearance and capabilities.

In the past, the only way to receive stem cell therapy, was actually going to these exclusive clinics and pay around $22000, which is an amazing therapy kept as a secret for celebrities, UNTIL NOW…

For the first time in 70 years, Live Cell therapy has become accessible for general public in the form of High-tech capsules named PE CAPSULES, making it possible and cheap with the purpose of getting benefits and results from your very own home!

Swiss stem cell treatment is at present the only lyophilized ( freeze-dried ) Sheep (ovine)placenta derived in an unrivaled formulation of high technology bio-active capsules for Anti-aging, as well as tissue regeneration and rejuvenation ; giving you not just gorgeous skin with vibrant vivacity, but also a regenerated, younger, and more fit and healthy YOU!


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