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The main ingredient of the PE Capsules is the Sheep Placenta Extract, which is manipulated to guarantee that it remains biologically active and can perform in an optimum way regenerating damaged cells.
VP capsules, are an alternative to Animal and Human placenta in Cell Therapy. They offer the same efficacy and results of stem cell therapy with no animal or human content, ideal for vegetarians.
A new break through in the beauty industry. The new Advanced stem cell Skin Serum 3 in 1: Facial moisturizer + eyes lotion + neck lotion, combined in an innovative natural Serum developed in Europe.
  • Cell Therapy

    What is Cell Therapy?

    Cellular (cell) therapy can be defined as the use of natural cells to treat a disease. It starts with the selection of organs cells from a fetal animal specially bred for this purpose. Many years of experience have shown that sheep are the best donor animal due to the fact that they are strong animals, hardy and vigorous, with the best immune system and natural resistance to diseases. Sheep's proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and they do not trigger immune reactions (immunoreaction). In the Cell therapy, the young and v... Read More

  • PE Capsules

    PE: Advanced Placenta Extract Capsules

    PE (Advanced Sheep Placenta Extract) hi-tech capsules are fully researched, developed in Switzerland and manufactured under the FDA approved and GMP registered Pharmaceutical Facility here in the United States which obtain trust with maximun quality, safety and consistency. The method employed in these capsules produces sheep cells which remain biologically active (using a proven technique for gently conserving biological substances) without damaging the effectiveness of their valuable bioactive matter.

    Cell therapy is the only process in the w... Read More

  • VP Capsules

    VP Advanced Vegetal Placenta Capsules!

    VP (vegetal placenta) capsules with stem cell extraction methodology, a substitute to animal and human placenta.

    For more than 20 years, Swiss and European scientists, cell therapists, researchers and bio-technologists have been researching and developing a substitute for animal and human placenta extract in cell therapy form. As a result, in the year 2001, the creation of the Advanced Vegetal Placenta capsules was developed successfully... Read More

  • Skin Serum

    serum model

    Advanced Skin Care Serum

    Discover the all new Swiss revolutionary advanced stem cell Serum derived from multiple botanical extracts with Super Hyaluronic Acids and essential Lipids.

    Having a vibrant and beautiful skin, with an amazing texture and a young looking skin naturally, It is just a matter of neutralizing the negative effects that might cause damaged to your skin. This serum can help fight of all that aging factors in a powerful way, to regain and maintain a young looking skin for a long time.

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  • Benefits

    Benefits and Results

    Once you start to take the cell therapy with stem cells, regularly as recommended, your life as well as your career can be changed positive and drastically. You are going to feel the difference in all aspects related to your body functions, due to the fact that stem cells acts powering the cells that do not work in an optimum way. Some of these changes you will see are:

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